The Ladder of Reading & Writing 2023 Update (Summary of Changes)

The 2023 Ladder of Reading & Writing Update (Access a clearer image of the infographic  HERE ) WHY THE 2023 UPDATE? The science of reading continues to evolve – both new research and important insights into older research have resulted in an improved understanding of how we might maximize the quality of instruction  How we teach reading and writing is undergoing needed changes – yet this may be resulting in the adoption of practices and procedures less effective than teachers realize (practices not actually supported in the science) I want to ensure my widely-used infographic best represents the full range of learner needs with clarity, providing information grounded in previous research while recognizing ongoing research WHAT ARE THE CHANGES? Purple Arrow (words and their order now slightly changed in the 2023 update):  Differentiation now appears first in the arrow, to emphasize that instruction differentiated based on need is essential for ALL students to progress  Systematic