A win-win! Weaving movement into learning the secrets of the code

Attention educators! Attention parents! Attention health professionals! We are missing a golden opportunity! Consider that reading is the most important skill a child will learn at school ( Adams et al. ) and that children benefit from systematic instruction that teaches the connections between letters and sounds ( Buckingham & Castles ). Consider that children must be able to decode to be able to comprehend text ( Simple View of Reading) and that  many repetitions  may be needed to achieve reading/spelling mastery of the code ( Ladder of Reading ) – more repetitions than some published programs allow for ( Denton ). AND... Consider that ALL children need to move more !   ( CACAP ) Consider those students who especially need opportunities to move , especially those with ADHD and   DCD . Consider that students K-3 are young children and young children naturally want to move ! Currently, there is abundant research i